PSY Gangnam Style Live Sunrise Australia [17.10.12]

PSY Live on the Sunrise show. Recorded this and the further interview, as well as his performance on X Factor last night. Should get them up when I can get the time. Also; Zombie-Of the Dead batch will be up this weekend.

Part 1 / Part 2

Info: Standard definition TS, 720×576, MPEG-1 Audio

Arashi – Troublemaker PV [VOB/DVD]


Troublemaker PV VOB format.


KARA – Go Go Summer! PV [MP4/BD]

Go Go Summer Japanese Version. ¬†Quality for resolution and size is fairly impressive if I do say so myself. 640p looks the same as the 1080p. Yes I know the resolution isn’t 16:9, but I’m just playing around. Use “Stretch to Window” function.

Video: 960×640@10Mbps

Audio: AAC@320kbps


This wouldn’t work with Ipods, but hey I haven’t tried, prove me wrong.