Zero no Tsukaima Bluray 12

Megaupload Fileserve

Episode 12, one more to go. Ep 13 is still in QC stages but won’t be released for about 48 hours, as I’m going sailing for some silly reason with a Japanese teacher. But no matter, PV4-7 are also almost done, and will be released at the same time, whilst other PVs will just get put out at other times, they aren’t top priority, but are good for archivers.  In other news, Ikoku Meiro is in encoding stages, and Kamisama Dolls and /or Memochou will be after that. Also the script for Futatsuki no Kishi 01 is 33% complete.  My goals are to have up to episode 6 of Futatatsuki done by Christmas, both Kamisama Memo/Dolls, and Kami Nomi Vol.5. Well, long story short, wait 48 hours for the final episode and then about a week or so until I start season 2.

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