Zero no Tsukaima 11 + Mini 720p Release

No torrent for this episode, just because.


Encoder: mtwini09
Subs: mtwini09

Mini MKV 720p releases at ~100MB filesize. Quality is still good and perfect for people who either want to save hard drive space, bandwidth or have poor computers. I think of you all ;( I’m like that sometimes too. Or these links may be because you just don’t think this show looks that great in bluray anyway, so it isn’t worth the bitrate – I don’t judge. Have some links and enjoy Episodes 1-7 in mini mkv 720p format.


Note: PV4-6 are in the works and will be out soon. And obviously 12 + 13 should be done within the end of the week. Unless my ship sinks…explain later.

On another note, Zero no Tsukaima Futatsuki no Kishi is being worked on, after Ikoku Meiro Vol.3, Kamisama Memochou Vol.3 Kamisama Dolls Vol.2+3, and Kami Nomi Vol.5 presumably in that order.  So…it’s coming.

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